Precision Quadrupole Wound Fiber Gyro Coils

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———— Quadrupole Wet, Dry, Flanged, Hubbed or Freestanding

With a 7 year legacy of winding all types of precision optical fiber coils, Idealphotonics has the coil winding business unit with a team of highly experienced scientists, engineers, and winders, together capable of winding the best in optical fiber coils in accordance with customers' requirements. Cost effective and fast winding systems allow Idealphotonics to provide a complete range of products, from simple delay lines and payout spools to strategic quadrupole gyro coils of several kilometers in length.Also We provide optical fibers and then put them on the most appropriate stands whatever the material they are made of is (copper, aluminium, plastic…). We can also work without stand and realize optical fibers crowns. Otherwise, a wide range of optical fibers types (single-mode, multi-mode, PM, from UV to IR) and dimensions are available, a well as coating materials (polymer, polyimide…).Finally, we are at your disposal in order to meet your expectations and to solve yours problems as regards fiber optic coil winding, size and components integration among others.Our optical fibers spools lead to numerous applications in the fields of optical sensors, delay lines and fiber optic launch cables in particular.

Product Features

    Complete Facility

     Automated Coil Winding Machine
     Quad Coil winding room in Yancheng
     Extre high and low temperature testing  Testing facility in Seongnam
     High precious Coil distributed Fiber Strain Tester  

Technical Specification

Coil Types

Depending on requirements a great number of stock or custom coil structures can be supplied. Designs from epoxy-potted, fully freestanding to totally constrained coils using pure or composite materials ensure environmental stability and ruggedness.

 Flanged – Wet or Dry  Hubbed – Wet Only  
 Freestanding – Wet Only

Typical Quadrupole Patterns


Quadrupole Wound Coil Attributes

Coil fiber
Fiber Length :120 m ➞ 15km
Fiber core diameter:13 mm ➞500 mm
Fiber external diameter: 30 µm ➞ 600 µm
Fiber tension: 20 g ➞ 2 kg
Coating material    :Polymer, polyimide, others

Quadrupole Wound Coil Attributes
Base Layer Turns :Up to 250
Layers :4 Layers ➞ 100 Layers
Outer Diameter (D) :< 15 cm
Inner Diameter (d) :> 1.5 cm
Height (H) :< 5 cm

Coil properlities
Working wavelength:850/1310/1550    nm


• Symmetrical coils for high degree of reciprocity
• Quadrupole pattern for minimal thermal gradient effects
• Low winding tension for minimal coil stress
• Error-free, technician-controlled winding for superior density and gap avoidance
• Non-circular shapes possible
• Testing and integration available on request



Fiber type

  PM 1550/80-18/165          

Coiling method

Quadruple          screw      

Fiber length

 515   m including pigtails   4pcs

Turns per layer

   32  turns

Pigtail length

  4m  each side

The reels

     Reels  type          Free standings coil

Reels size

diameter  62 mm  (width) 12.5 mm  (height)  9  mm

Reels materials

    Aluminum         Stainless steel        Others

Coil tension

 5-10  g


       Y            N

Gluing type

    Gluing from the buyer;  Gluing from the seller with the coil specs;

Optical Index

IL≤1.0 dB Room temperature  PER ≥18 dB Room temperature

Test report

Test report for each coils (needed)

Ordering Information:



Xxx(Coating diameter)

Xxxx(Coiling Method)

Xxxxx-(coil length)

6x-Pigtail Length








F-Free standing
















Precision Quadrupole Wound Fiber Gyro Coils with operation wavelength 1310nm,PM fiber type 80/165um,Quadrupole winding method,coil length at 500m,Pigtail length 3m,with free standing structure

Precision Quadrupole Wound Coil Test report    

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